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Our Mini Programs

Ready to dip your toe into what we have to offer, but not completely ready to invest?  Check out our mini programs.  These prices will go up, so get them while you can!

See what we have to offer below. 

Getting Ready for the Next Relationship: The Inner Work ($37) .

Are you ready to take some time and focus on you so you can stop your negative dating patterns and get ready to go back out there and meet the right match for you? If so, then this is the program for you. In three modules you get the tools to look at, understand and stop the dating patterns that have been preventing you from finding your partner. The price of this offer will go up, so grab it while it's such a steal!

Build Your Momentum Online! Increase You Dating ROI! ($37)

Ready to see real change in your dating life in just a few days or even hours? This simple 5 step program shows you how to build a flow in your dating apps, so you are never waiting around for some guy to finally message you! This is perfect for RIGHT NOW when you are stuck at home. This is a temporary price - and for what you are getting, IT IS A STEAL! Don't miss this opportunity. Click here to purchase!


Ready to get serious about your future? This is perfect for those with a “I've got this on my own!" attitude or those who want a “no frills” experience. You gain access to all the tips, strategies and methods in the 10 weeks of training in our online program. You can work at your own pace without having to check in with anyone. Click here to purchase.

Our Fast-Track Membership Programs

Do you want support during your dating journey?  Do you want a community of women cheering you on?  Do you want access to Jenn and Amy so you can know, in real time what to do next?  If you are really ready to make this your year to find your perfect partner, check out our Fast Track Membership Programs below.


Ready to level up for the life you want? This is perfect for those who want to make a commitment to their future and know that they have a support system along the way. Do you say things like “I need the occasional check-in or pep talk” or “But what if I have questions?” or “I just wish I knew someone else going through this, too!” Then, this plan could work for you! You gain access to all the tips, strategies and methods in the 10 weeks of individual coaching!


Ready for to take charge of your dating life for once and for all with our constant guidance and support? Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I want this done quickly and with the red carpet treatment!” or “I want to know that if I’m feeling anxious or frustrated, I have people to turn to.” If so, Platinum is guaranteed to be what you want AND need. We are on call for you EVERY STEP of the way through the 10 week course - Have a question? Need some guidance? NO PROBLEM! Not only do you get everything you get everything in the GOLD level AND  unlimited text connections and emails to during the program. Plus, we give you 2 EXTRA MONTHS OF SUPPORT to make sure we keep you on target and get you to your goals quickly! 

SS&NWS Winner's Circle 

Are you done struggling? Do you want support through all the ups and downs that go with dating?

When you join the Winners Circle, you are on the FAST TRACK to finding your partner, and you do not have to do it alone! you get everything you get everything in the PLATINUM level AND unlimited text connections and emails to us FOR A YEAR! This gives you get access to us for real time dating support, after date check ins, and just contact when you feel like you are struggling or you want to celebrate your wins! Space is limited for this program, and you need to schedule a qualification call before being admitted (serious candidates only), so click here to book your call.

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